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parent_PostPhaseCommands: avoid CancelledError in _soname_deps_qa done callback (diff)
Support PORTAGE_LOG_FILTER_FILE (bug 709746)
This variable specifies a command that filters build log output to a log file. The plan is to extend this to support a separate filter for tty output in the future. In order to enable the EbuildPhase class to write elog messages to the build log with PORTAGE_LOG_FILTER_FILE support, convert its _elog method to a coroutine, and add a SchedulerInterface async_output method for it to use. Bug: https://bugs.gentoo.org/709746 Signed-off-by: Zac Medico <zmedico@gentoo.org>
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-.TH "MAKE.CONF" "5" "Nov 2019" "Portage VERSION" "Portage"
+.TH "MAKE.CONF" "5" "Mar 2020" "Portage VERSION" "Portage"
make.conf \- custom settings for Portage
@@ -979,6 +979,11 @@ with an integer pid. For example, a value of "ionice \-c 3 \-p \\${PID}"
will set idle io priority. For more information about ionice, see
\fBionice\fR(1). This variable is unset by default.
+This variable specifies a command that filters build log output to a
+log file. In order to filter ANSI escape codes from build logs,
+\fBansifilter\fR(1) is a convenient setting for this variable.
This variable defines the directory in which per\-ebuild logs are kept.
Logs are created only when this is set. They are stored as