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authorMichał Górny <mgorny@gentoo.org>2018-11-12 17:32:35 +0100
committerMichał Górny <mgorny@gentoo.org>2018-11-18 13:24:34 +0100
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Add FEATURES=mount-sandbox to take advantage of mount ns
Support FEATURES=mount-sandbox that unshares the ebuild processes into a new mount namespace and makes all the mounts private by default. Reviewed-by: Zac Medico <zmedico@gentoo.org> Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <mgorny@gentoo.org>
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diff --git a/man/make.conf.5 b/man/make.conf.5
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--- a/man/make.conf.5
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@@ -494,6 +494,11 @@ ${repository_location}/metadata/md5\-cache/ directory will be used directly
Fetch everything in \fBSRC_URI\fR regardless of \fBUSE\fR settings,
except do not fetch anything when \fImirror\fR is in \fBRESTRICT\fR.
+.B mount\-sandbox
+Isolate the ebuild phase functions from host mount namespace. This makes
+it possible for ebuild to alter mountpoints without affecting the host
+system. Supported only on Linux. Requires mount namespace support in kernel.
.B multilib\-strict
Many Makefiles assume that their libraries should go to /usr/lib, or
$(prefix)/lib. This assumption can cause a serious mess if /usr/lib