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-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-5-hdepend'>
-<title>EAPI 5-hdepend</title>
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-5-hdepend-metadata'>
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-5-hdepend-metadata-dependencies'>
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-5-hdepend-metadata-dependencies-hdepend'>
-The HDEPEND variable is used to represent build-time host dependencies. For
-build-time target dependencies, use DEPEND (if the host is the target then both
-HDEPEND and DEPEND will be installed on it). For EAPIs that support HDEPEND,
-the emerge --root-deps option will have no effect, since it is not needed
-when build-time dependencies are correctly specified with HDEPEND and DEPEND.
-If ebuilds using EAPIs which <emphasis>do not</emphasis> support HDEPEND are
-built in the same emerge run as those using EAPIs which <emphasis>do</emphasis>
-support HDEPEND, the emerge --root-deps option will only apply to the former.
-<section id='package-ebuild-eapi-5-hdepend-metadata-dependencies-targetroot'>
-<title>Special "targetroot" USE flag</title>
-The special "targetroot" USE flag will be automatically enabled for packages
-that are built for installation into a target ROOT, and will otherwise be
-automatically disabled. This flag may be used to control conditional
-dependencies, and ebuilds that use this flag need to add it to IUSE unless it
-happens to be included in the profile's IUSE_IMPLICIT variable.
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