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* Reformat to use spaces instead of tabs. Also, use blackWolfgang E. Sanyer2021-09-191-497/+510
* *: drop all import __future__ statementsAaron Bauman2020-08-061-2/+0
* bin/doins.py: drop unused-importAaron Bauman2020-08-031-3/+1
* Fix R0205 across all of repo.Aaron Bauman2020-07-311-5/+5
* Remove support code for Python < 3.3Michał Górny2020-07-171-13/+1
* Eliminate the most of explicit py3 conditionalsMichał Górny2020-07-161-4/+3
* bin/doins.py: avoid timestamp precision loss with python2 (bug 642632)Zac Medico2018-01-171-0/+4
* bin/doins.py: implement install -p option (bug 642632)Zac Medico2018-01-071-5/+29
* bin/doins.py: remove file before creating symlink (bug 640376)Zac Medico2017-12-101-1/+5
* bin/doins.py: optimize with copyfile from portage.util.file_copyZac Medico2017-12-021-6/+5
* Rewrite doins in python (bug 624526)Hidehiko Abe2017-12-021-0/+580