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+Copyright (c) 1996 ParaGraph International
+Copyright (c) 1996 Russian Foundation for Basic Research
+Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
+of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
+This is a free font package included into RFBR TeX distribution.
+It contains four font shapes in three encodings:
+- LaTeX T1 encoding
+- LaTeX TS1 encoding
+- ISO8859-5 encoding
+In the folowing paragraphs "fonts" stands for Type 1 fonts together with
+metric files and also any conversions and renderings of them.
+You are allowed:
+- to use fonts with any TeX distribution;
+- to use fonts with any graphic editors for preparing pictures to be
+ included into TeX documents;
+- to use fonts with other programs (such as WWW browsers) for
+ screening purpose only;
+- to convert fonts into any format for above purposes;
+- to include fonts into electronic documents (such as PDF) ;
+- to distribute fonts together with RFBR TeX distribution.
+In all cases you must make reference to this license.
+Note: Use of these fonts as platform fonts in graphic environments such as
+ Microsoft Windows, OS/2 Presentation Manager, X Window, etc. permitted
+ according to above rules.
+You are not allowed:
+- to make any changes to font and metric files, including reencoding;
+- to use fonts for hardcopy making with any programs except TeX drivers;
+- to distribute this fonts as an independent package;
+If you concerned in further development of this font family and if you try
+to improve it by adding new or correcting existing character glyphs, you
+must do all your work locally and you must send all your changes to addresses
+given below. Be sure that further improvements will be distributed under terms
+of this license. You may not distribute neither fonts under development nor
+documents including such fonts.
+ParaGraph International:
+ 32 Krasikova street, 19th floor
+ Moscow 117418 Russia
+ phone: + 7 (095) 129-1500
+ fax: + 7 (095) 129-0911
+ http://www.paragraph.com