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@@ -12,14 +12,13 @@ RC_PARALLEL_STARTUP="no"
# Dynamic /dev managers can trigger coldplug events which cause services to
# start before we are ready for them. If this happens, we can defer these
-# services to start in the boot runlevel. If you don't want this then set
-# RC_COLDPLUG to no.
-# For more fine grained control you can list full service names to allow
-# them to coldplug and prefix them with ! so they don't coldplug.
-# Example - RC_COLDPLUG="net.wlan !net.*"
+# services to start in the boot runlevel. RC_COLDPLUG is a list of services we
+# allow to be coldplugged in this way. Globbing is allowed as is prefixing
+# with ! which means don't coldplug.
+# Example - RC_COLDPLUG="net.wlan !net.* *"
# This allows net.wlan and any service not matching net.* to coldplug.
# RC_NET_STRICT_CHECKING allows some flexibility with the 'net' service.
# The following values are allowed: