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* Merging r2046Christian Heim2006-05-251-2/+2
* Merging r2014Christian Heim2006-04-241-2/+1
* Merging r1939Christian Heim2006-03-092-12/+18
* Merging r1881Christian Heim2006-02-145-47/+156
* Merging r1851Christian Heim2006-02-061-14/+45
* Importing latest baselayout/trunk changes. This merge is based upon revision ...Christian Heim2006-01-1023-3/+3
* Importing latest baselayout/trunk changes. This is a merge with revision 1768.Christian Heim2005-12-223-71/+70
* Importing latest baselayout/trunk changes. This is a merge with 1752.Christian Heim2005-12-0911-215/+276
* Importing latest baselayout/trunk changes. Merging revision 1773.Christian Heim2005-12-0636-3984/+5772
* we don't need this with new profilesBenedikt Boehm2005-12-032-41/+0
* Import the latest baselayout changes. Merging revision 1658.Christian Heim2005-12-0243-4801/+6185
* Merging latest changes from baselayout (r1621).Christian Heim2005-11-221-2/+5
* Merging changes between baselayout r1583 and r1596.Christian Heim2005-11-051-1/+1
* rename ovz mount utilrelease-1.12.0_pre9Benedikt Boehm2005-10-142-28/+5
* rename ovz mount utilityBenedikt Boehm2005-10-142-0/+0
* Syncing up with baselayout revision 1566 (_pre9-r1)Christian Heim2005-10-121-12/+50
* fix net servicesBenedikt Boehm2005-10-091-3/+4
* add back net servicesBenedikt Boehm2005-10-092-2/+13
* Refreshing baselayout-vserver with revision 1560 from baselayout.Christian Heim2005-10-071-1/+1
* Removing cvs specific files (.cvsignore)Christian Heim2005-10-072-8/+0
* Correcting my naming scheme; utils -> mountChristian Heim2005-09-282-0/+0
* Adding kir's mount-utility; should save us from util-linux and it's dependenciesChristian Heim2005-09-282-0/+63
* sync with baselayout trunk, rev 1550Benedikt Boehm2005-09-2615-703/+758
* minor cleanupBenedikt Boehm2005-09-042-13/+2
* import initial baselayout sources (1.12.0_pre8)Benedikt Boehm2005-09-0329-0/+8176