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-* MySQL 4.1.x/5.x
-For MySQL version 4.1 and up, it's recommended to create the database for
-RoundCube with utf-8 charset. Here's an example of the init procedure:
-# mysql
-> CREATE DATABASE roundcubemail DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
-> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON roundcubemail.* TO roundcube@localhost
- IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
-> quit
-# mysql roundcubemail < ${MY_INSTALLDIR}/SQL/mysql5.initial.sql
-* SQLite
-Sqlite requires specifically php5 (sqlite in php4 currently doesn't
-work with roundcube), and you need sqlite 2 (preferably 2.8) to setup
-the sqlite db (sqlite 3.x also doesn't work at the moment). Here is
-an example how you can setup the sqlite.db for roundcube:
-# sqlite -init SQL/sqlite.initial.sql sqlite.db
-Make sure your configuration points to the sqlite.db file and that the
-webserver can write to the file and the directory containing the file.
-* PostgreSQL
-To use RoundCube with PostgreSQL support you have to follow these
-simple steps, which have to be done as the postgres system user (or
-which ever is the database superuser):
-$ createuser roundcube
-$ createdb -O roundcube roundcubemail
-$ psql roundcubemail
-roundcubemail =# ALTER USER roundcube WITH PASSWORD 'the_new_password';
-roundcubemail =# \c - roundcube
-roundcubemail => \i ${MY_INSTALLDIR}/SQL/postgres.initial.sql
-All this has been tested with PostgreSQL 8.x and 7.4.x. Older
-versions don't have a -O option for the createdb, so if you are
-using that version you'll have to change ownership of the DB later.
-Modify the files in ${MY_INSTALLDIR}/config/* to suit your local environment
-Details about the config parameters can be found in the config files.
-See for even more guidance.
- - error_reporting E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE (or lower)
- - file_uploads On (for attachment upload features)
- - session.auto_start Off
- - magic_quotes_gpc Off
- - memory_limit (increase as suitable to support large attachments)
-Access through your webserver to at least the following directories should be denied:
- * /conf
- * /temp
- * /logs
-Roundcube uses .htaccess files to protect these directories if you are using Apache;
-be sure to allow override of the Limit directives to get them taken into account.
-If you are NOT using Apache, it is your responsibility to take care of the above as
-needed by your webserver.