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* 0.2 is in the mainline tree now, no need to be here :)cpuid2009-02-218-456/+0
* Version bump...cpuid2008-08-052-0/+87
* eep bad first impression, forgot the Manifest update :)cpuid2008-06-201-0/+2
* updated ebuild (might do 0.2-alpha soon too)cpuid2008-06-201-0/+83
* mail-client/roundcube: Nuke check for sockets wrt Moc2008-03-074-7/+85
* Fix typoJakub Moc2008-03-052-2/+2
* Fix ManifestJakub Moc2008-03-041-1/+1
* Nuke some stray info in postinstall instructionsJakub Moc2008-03-041-7/+0
* Add some more PHP checks and info to pkg_setup.Jakub Moc2008-03-043-12/+34
* Version bump to 0.1 final; drop PEAR dependencies are they are now bundled an...Jakub Moc2008-03-044-42/+75
* Nuke old, add ~amd64 keywordJakub Moc2008-03-043-72/+2
* mail-client/roundcube: Fix PHP requirementsJakub Moc2007-12-053-4/+9
* mail-client/roundcube: Version bump, Bug 198836Jakub Moc2007-11-113-1/+72
* Nuke digestJakub Moc2007-09-141-3/+0
* Move to mail-client categoryJakub Moc2007-09-096-0/+155