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+ <longdescription lang="en">
+ ReportLab is the time-proven, ultra-robust open-source engine for creating
+ complex, data-driven PDF documents and custom vector graphics. It's free,
+ open-source, and written in Python. The package sees 50,000+ downloads per
+ month, is part of standard Linux distributions, is embedded in many
+ products, and was selected to power the print/export feature for Wikipedia.
+ The ReportLab Toolkit has evolved over the years in direct response to the
+ real-world reporting needs of large institutions. The library implements
+ three main layers:
+ A graphics canvas API that 'draws' PDF pages A charts and widgets
+ library for creating reusable data graphics. A page layout engine -
+ PLATYPUS ("Page Layout and TYPography Using Scripts") - which builds
+ documents from elements such as headlines, paragraphs, fonts, tables
+ and vector graphics.
+ The open-source ReportLab Toolkit provides the core of our commercial
+ product, ReportLab PLUS, which generates PDF at higher speed and allows use
+ of our smart XML-based templating language RML. ReportLab PLUS contains
+ significant upgrades over the open-source library that allows for a much
+ faster development cycle. If you are putting substantial time into
+ building a solution please consider the commercial version; it is faster,
+ does more, and the revenues directly support ongoing development. You
+ can trial ReportLab PLUS for free.
+ </longdescription>
+ <bugs-to></bugs-to>
+ <doc lang="en"></doc>
<remote-id type="pypi">reportlab</remote-id>