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gnome-extra/cinnamon-translations: New upstream version 3.8.2
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DIST cinnamon-translations-3.6.3.tar.gz 9486325 BLAKE2B 75d25beb66dc28565eb6d61f64df66e69de347ffe01984d9958b3388109d7e89f839205913432d7d68a7fedda743d4de52d63b1d95fc54ff77a8b80501d7e668 SHA512 274ad790ad9e8bc1d424ce45ff426ebdadf868bd48c065a21a8be014cabc889927974de5eb56ef909317bcecf4a0ca9e98af8ba3ade08c903fa286c93e05f695
+DIST cinnamon-translations-3.8.2.tar.gz 9741950 BLAKE2B 23ae3b3551f911ca23b86d06a60e49ac063be7bb0fee65a05e1b5fe55908bb971b73e24e62b8bd82b5f486dc6d37aa724ad5252d8526f60c00b96e8570727f92 SHA512 8ed052da06764b71a344d2e8eea2d7b3132e5b185167d7d2e95b312df89e5302eeacde15d0ec337ab5573f7497be7b66db3fbfa4cb8a654e8199690315c319bb
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+# Copyright 1999-2018 Gentoo Foundation
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+PLOCALES="af am an ar as ast az be be@latin bg bn bn_IN br bs ca ca@valencia crh cs csb cy da de dz el en@shaw en_AU en_CA en_GB eo es es_AR et eu fa fi fil fo fr fr_CA frp fy ga gd gl gu he hi hr hu hy ia id ii is it ja jv ka kk km kn ko ksw ku ky la li lo lt lv mai mg mk ml mn mr ms my nb nds ne nl nn nso oc om or pa pap pl ps pt pt_BR ro ru rue rw sa sc sco shn si sk sl so sq sr sr@ijekavianlatin sr@latin sv sw ta te tg th tl tlh tpi tr ts tt ug uk ur uz uz@cyrillic vi wa xh yi zh_CN zh_HK zh_TW zu"
+inherit l10n
+DESCRIPTION="Translation data for Cinnamon"
+SRC_URI="${PV}.tar.gz -> ${P}.tar.gz"
+KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
+RESTRICT="test" # tests are for upstream translators and need network access
+src_configure() { :; }
+src_install() {
+ # Cannot run before since locales are not in the expected place for this to work
+ l10n_find_plocales_changes "${S}"/usr/share/locale "" ""
+ install_locale() {
+ dodir /usr/share/locale
+ insinto /usr/share/locale
+ doins -r usr/share/locale/${1}
+ }
+ l10n_for_each_locale_do install_locale