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games-rpg/penumbra-collection: Remove last-rited pkg
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diff --git a/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/Manifest b/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/Manifest
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--- a/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/Manifest
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@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-DIST 949267761 SHA256 e0fdbdbb7e3766629cabd3903675a2f54f1a5206f67d590dd1553576338f3dab SHA512 9e9f604fffd4efd8ab21bdb56fb4f9dbeeee8e5375b83b88a24521a9bbb45ee7060c467aef47f06d551d51a4fdd0a51be5c5416060a87342ea281026ba24c7ae WHIRLPOOL 553034458f2d7e5584ed97ee4111a65cb789854ae1ff9ecb6651d8b66996198d9a869fa7455eaebf18ab1110973734f6f1e977d8187fb9d796407267253552d7
diff --git a/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/metadata.xml b/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/metadata.xml
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index 26079e608be..00000000000
--- a/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/metadata.xml
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@@ -1,8 +0,0 @@
-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
- <maintainer type="project">
- <email></email>
- <name>Gentoo Games Project</name>
- </maintainer>
diff --git a/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/penumbra-collection-1.1.ebuild b/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/penumbra-collection-1.1.ebuild
deleted file mode 100644
index ae386d2fefe..00000000000
--- a/games-rpg/penumbra-collection/penumbra-collection-1.1.ebuild
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,193 +0,0 @@
-# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-inherit eutils unpacker gnome2-utils games
-DESCRIPTION="Scary first-person adventure trilogy focussing on story, immersion and puzzles"
-KEYWORDS="-* ~amd64 ~x86"
- x11-libs/fltk:1
- media-gfx/nvidia-cg-toolkit[abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/fontconfig-2.10.92[abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/freealut-1.1.0-r3[abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/freetype-[abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/libogg-1.3.1[abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/libsdl-1.2.15-r5[X,sound,video,opengl,abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/libvorbis-1.3.3-r1[abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/sdl-image-1.2.12-r1[gif,jpeg,png,abi_x86_32(-)]
- >=media-libs/sdl-ttf-2.0.11-r1[abi_x86_32(-)]
- virtual/glu[abi_x86_32(-)]
- virtual/opengl[abi_x86_32(-)]
- x11-libs/libX11[abi_x86_32(-)]
- x11-libs/libXext[abi_x86_32(-)]
- x11-libs/libXft[abi_x86_32(-)]
- x11-libs/libXrender[abi_x86_32(-)]"
- ${gamedir}/BlackPlague/requiem.bin
- ${gamedir}/BlackPlague/blackplague.bin"
-if [[ $ARCH == amd64 ]] ; then
- ${gamedir}/BlackPlague/lib/
- ${gamedir}/BlackPlague/lib/
- ${gamedir}/BlackPlague/lib/
- ${gamedir}/Overture/lib/
- ${gamedir}/Overture/lib/
- ${gamedir}/Overture/lib/"
-pkg_nofetch() {
- einfo "Please buy & download ${SRC_URI} from:"
- einfo " ${HOMEPAGE}"
- einfo "and move it to ${DISTDIR}"
- einfo
-src_unpack() {
- unpack_makeself
- mv subarch subarch.tar.lzma || die
- unpack ./subarch.tar.lzma
- mv instarchive_all instarchive_all.tar.lzma || die
- unpack ./instarchive_all.tar.lzma
-src_install() {
- local destDir episodeDir library directory
- # perform instalation for each episode; note that Requiem is extension of
- # Black Plague so it has no dedicated directory at this level
- for episodeDir in Overture BlackPlague; do
- destDir="${gamedir}/${episodeDir}"
- insinto "${destDir}"
- # install every directory recursively except lib
- for directory in \
- $(find ${episodeDir}/* -maxdepth 0 -type d ! -name lib); do
- doins -r "${directory}"
- done
- # amd64 does not provide some libs, use bundled ones
- if use amd64 ; then
- exeinto "${gamedir}/${episodeDir}/lib"
- for library in \
- \
- \
-; do
- doexe ${episodeDir}/lib/${library}
- done
- fi
- doins ${episodeDir}/*.cfg
- exeinto "${destDir}"
- doexe ${episodeDir}/ ${episodeDir}/*.bin
- # make sure that cache files are newer than models otherwise the game
- # tries to regenerate them which sometimes causes a crash (as reported
- # in bug #278326 comment #6)
- touch "${D}/${destDir}"/core/*cache/*
- done
- newicon -s 64 Overture/penumbra.png penumbra-overture.png
- newicon -s 64 BlackPlague/penumbra.png penumbra-blackplague.png
- newicon -s 64 BlackPlague/requiem.png penumbra-requiem.png
- games_make_wrapper penumbra-overture ./penumbra.bin \
- "${gamedir}/Overture" "${gamedir}/Overture/lib"
- games_make_wrapper penumbra-blackplague ./blackplague.bin \
- "${gamedir}/BlackPlague" "${gamedir}/BlackPlague/lib"
- games_make_wrapper penumbra-requiem ./requiem.bin \
- "${gamedir}/BlackPlague" "${gamedir}/BlackPlague/lib"
- make_desktop_entry penumbra-overture "Penumbra: Overture" \
- penumbra-overture
- make_desktop_entry penumbra-blackplague "Penumbra: Black Plague" \
- penumbra-blackplague
- make_desktop_entry penumbra-requiem "Penumbra: Requiem" \
- penumbra-requiem
- docinto Overture
- dodoc Overture/CHANGELOG.txt Overture/Manual.pdf Overture/README.linux
- docinto BlackPlague
- dodoc BlackPlague/Manual.pdf BlackPlague/README.linux
- prepgamesdirs
-pkg_preinst() {
- games_pkg_preinst
- gnome2_icon_savelist
-pkg_postinst() {
- games_pkg_postinst
- gnome2_icon_cache_update
- if [[ -f "${INSTALL_KEY_FILE}" ]] ; then
- einfo "The installation key file already exists: ${INSTALL_KEY_FILE}"
- else
- ewarn "You MUST run this before playing the game:"
- ewarn " emerge --config ${PN}"
- ewarn "To enter your installation key."
- fi
-pkg_postrm() {
- gnome2_icon_cache_update
- einfo "If you uninstalled ${PN} you might want to remove the keyfile as well in"
- einfo " ${INSTALL_KEY_FILE}"
-pkg_config() {
- local key1 key2
- ewarn "Your installation key is NOT checked for validity here."
- ewarn "Make sure you type it in correctly."
- ewarn "If you CTRL+C out of this, the game will not run!"
- echo
- einfo "The key format is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"
- while true ; do
- einfo "Please enter your key:"
- read key1
- if [[ -z "${key1}" ]] ; then
- echo "You entered a blank key. Try again."
- continue
- fi
- einfo "Please re-enter your key:"
- read key2
- if [[ -z "${key2}" ]] ; then
- echo "You entered a blank key. Try again."
- continue
- fi
- if [[ "${key1}" == "${key2}" ]] ; then
- echo "${key1}" | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' > "${INSTALL_KEY_FILE}"
- echo -e "// Do not give this file to ANYONE.\n// Frictional Games Support will NEVER ask for this file" \
- einfo "Created ${INSTALL_KEY_FILE}"
- break
- else
- eerror "Your installation key entries do not match. Try again."
- fi
- done
diff --git a/licenses/PENUMBRA-COLLECTION b/licenses/PENUMBRA-COLLECTION
deleted file mode 100644
index de21164b2bd..00000000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,139 +0,0 @@
-End User License Agreement
-1.Under this End User License Agreement (the "Agreement"), Frictional
-Games (the "Vendor") grants to the user (the "Licensee") a
-non-exclusive and non-transferable license (the "License") to use
-The Penumbra Collection (the "Software").
-2."Software" includes the executable computer programs and any related
-printed, electronic and online documentation and any other files that
-may accompany the product.
-3.Title, copyright, intellectual property rights and distribution
-rights of the Software remain exclusively with the Vendor. Intellectual
-property rights include the look and feel of the Software. This
-Agreement constitutes a license for use only and is not in any way a
-transfer of ownership rights to the Software.
-4.The Software may be loaded onto no more than one computer. A single
-copy may be made for backup purposes only.
-5.The rights and obligations of this Agreement are personal rights
-granted to the Licensee only. The Licensee may not transfer or assign
-any of the rights or obligations granted under this Agreement to any
-other person or legal entity. The Licensee may not make available the
-Software for use by one or more third parties.
-6.The Software may not be modified, reverse-engineered, or de-compiled
-in any manner through current or future available technologies.
-7.Failure to comply with any of the terms under the License section
-will be considered a material breach of this Agreement.
-License Fee
-8.The original purchase price paid by the Licensee will constitute the
-entire license fee and is the full consideration for this Agreement.
-Limitation of Liability
-9.The Software is provided by the Vendor and accepted by the Licensee
-"as is". The Vendor will not be liable for any general, special,
-incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to, loss
-of production, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data, or any
-other business or economic disadvantage suffered by the Licensee
-arising out of the use or failure to use the Software.
-10.The Vendor makes no warranty expressed or implied regarding the
-fitness of the Software for a particular purpose or that the Software
-will be suitable or appropriate for the specific requirements of the
-11.The Vendor does not warrant that use of the Software will be
-uninterrupted or error-free. The Licensee accepts that software in
-general is prone to bugs and flaws within an acceptable level as
-determined in the industry.
-Warrants and Representations
-12.The Vendor warrants and represents that it is the copyright holder
-of the Software. The Vendor warrants and represents that granting the
-license to use this Software is not in violation of any other
-agreement, copyright or applicable statute.
-13.All terms, conditions and obligations of this Agreement will be
-deemed to be accepted by the Licensee ("Acceptance") on installation of
-the Software.
-14.The term of this Agreement will begin on Acceptance and is perpetual.
-15.This Agreement will be terminated and the License forfeited where
-the Licensee has failed to comply with any of the terms of this
-Agreement or is in breach of this Agreement. On termination of this
-Agreement for any reason, the Licensee will promptly destroy the
-Software or return the Software to the Vendor.
-Force Majeure
-16.The Vendor will be free of liability to the Licensee where the
-Vendor is prevented from executing its obligations under this Agreement
-in whole or in part due to Force Majeure, such as earthquake, typhoon,
-flood, fire, and war or any other unforeseen and uncontrollable event
-where the Vendor has taken any and all appropriate action to mitigate
-such an event.
-Governing Law
-17.The Parties to this Agreement submit to the jurisdiction of the
-courts of Sweden for the enforcement of this Agreement or any
-arbitration award or decision arising from this Agreement. This
-Agreement will be enforced or construed according to the laws of Sweden.
-18.This Agreement can only be modified in writing signed by both the
-Vendor and the Licensee.
-19.This Agreement does not create or imply any relationship in agency
-or partnership between the Vendor and the Licensee.
-20.Headings are inserted for the convenience of the parties only and
-are not to be considered when interpreting this Agreement. Words in the
-singular mean and include the plural and vice versa. Words in the
-masculine gender include the feminine gender and vice versa. Words in
-the neuter gender include the masculine gender and the feminine gender
-and vice versa.
-21.If any term, covenant, condition or provision of this Agreement is
-held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or
-unenforceable, it is the parties' intent that such provision be reduced
-in scope by the court only to the extent deemed necessary by that court
-to render the provision reasonable and enforceable and the remainder of
-the provisions of this Agreement will in no way be affected, impaired
-or invalidated as a result.
-22.This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties.
-All understandings have been included in this Agreement.
-Representations which may have been made by any party to this Agreement
-may in some way be inconsistent with this final written Agreement. All
-such statements are declared to be of no value in this Agreement. Only
-the written terms of this Agreement will bind the parties.
-23.This Agreement and the terms and conditions contained in this
-Agreement apply to and are binding upon the Vendor's successors and
-24.All notices to the Vendor under this Agreement are to be provided at
-the following address:
- Frictional Games
- Sodra Tvargatan 6, 252 26 Helsingborg, Sweden
diff --git a/profiles/package.mask b/profiles/package.mask
index f662ae43c71..812cb87dd7b 100644
--- a/profiles/package.mask
+++ b/profiles/package.mask
@@ -210,12 +210,6 @@ sci-libs/freesteam
# Broken *FLAGS handling. Use -r3 instead.
-# Michał Górny <> (15 May 2018)
-# Remaining fetch-restricted game packages missing BLAKE2B hashes.
-# Please provide updated hashes if you have the matching distfiles.
-# Bug #642876. Removal in 30 days.
# Maciej Mrozowski <> (6 May 2018)
# SoQt does not build yet