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authorPalmer Dabbelt <>2018-04-03 13:10:41 -0700
committerSergei Trofimovich <>2018-04-03 21:21:18 +0100
commitad34d5e17e56a4a446402185cd67d7b920edf28f (patch)
parentmedia-libs/exiftool: version bump to 10.89 (diff)
sys-libs/glibc: Add support for building RISC-V headers
The RISC-V GCC port defines some extra preprocessor macros that glibc uses to determine which RISC-V target is being compiled for. Since crossdev doesn't use a RISC-V compiler to build the headers, this blows up. These checks don't matter for building the headers because they're the same on all RISC-V targets, so we just hack up the glibc build to elide the check.
1 files changed, 17 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/sys-libs/glibc/glibc-2.27-r1.ebuild b/sys-libs/glibc/glibc-2.27-r1.ebuild
index b281c00fac3..588eebae7f2 100644
--- a/sys-libs/glibc/glibc-2.27-r1.ebuild
+++ b/sys-libs/glibc/glibc-2.27-r1.ebuild
@@ -762,6 +762,23 @@ src_prepare() {
sed -i '/CPPFLAGS=.*-mabi/s|.*|:|' ports/sysdeps/mips/preconfigure || die
find ports/sysdeps/mips/ -name Makefile -exec sed -i '/^CC.*-mabi=/s:-mabi=.*:-D_MIPS_SZPTR=32:' {} +
+ if [[ -e sysdeps/riscv/preconfigure ]] ; then
+ # RISC-V interrogates the compiler to determine which target to
+ # build. If building the headers then we don't strictly need a
+ # RISC-V compiler, so the built-in definitions that are provided
+ # along with all RISC-V compiler might not exist. This causes
+ # glibc's RISC-V preconfigure script to blow up. Since we're just
+ # building the headers any value will actually work here, so just
+ # pick the standard one (rv64g/lp64d) to make the build scripts
+ # happy for now -- the headers are all the same anyway so it
+ # doesn't matter.
+ sed -i 's/^ xlen=.*/ xlen=64/g' sysdeps/riscv/preconfigure || die
+ sed -i 's/^ flen=.*/ flen=64/g' sysdeps/riscv/preconfigure || die
+ sed -i 's/^ float_abi=.*/ float_abi=double/g' sysdeps/riscv/preconfigure || die
+ sed -i 's/^ atomic=.*/ atomic=__riscv_atomic/g' sysdeps/riscv/preconfigure || die
+ sed -i 's/^libc_cv_riscv_float_abi=no/libc_cv_riscv_float_abi=d/g' sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/riscv/ || die
+ sed -i 's/^libc_cv_riscv_float_abi=no/libc_cv_riscv_float_abi=d/g' sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/riscv/configure || die
+ fi