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dev-perl/Cpanel-JSON-XS: Bump to version 4.190.0
- EAPI7 - Pass CFLAGS to make - Document optional test dependencies via wiki (WIP) - Document optional features via wiki (ugh) Upstream: - Deprecate UTF-{16,18} BOMs - Add Cpanel::JSON::XS::Type as 2nd optional encode argument - Don't call get() magic hooks twice in encode - Avoid setlocale race in threads with non-C locales when threads differ in LC_NUMERIC locale - Fix uselocale() - Various crash/fixes for Perl <5.22 - Add indent_length() setting to encoder - Add sereal support to cpanel_json_xs - Overload "ne" op for JSON::PP::Boolean - Fix bignum NaN/inf handling - Set decoded type - Add ->json_type_weaken - Add ->unblessed_bool property - Add seperate allow_dupkeys property in relaxed - Silence various -Wunused-value warnings - Fix incr_text refcounts - Rethrow error from eval_sv and eval_pv - Fix various memory corruptions (oh hai sam_c) - Add ->require_types - Allow encoding numeric values >2^64 w/ JSON_TYPE_INT/JSON_TYPE_FLOAT - Don't serialize objects when ->convert_blessed is not enabled - Use Perl_strtod to minimise discrepancy in string-to-float conversions - Add ->type_all_string for stable deterministic string types in result JSON - Fixed typed decode memory leak (hai again) Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.100, Repoman-2.3.22 Signed-off-by: Kent Fredric <>
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