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<flag name="json">Build JSON output plugin to save packets in JSON file format.</flag>
<flag name="pcap">Build PCAP output plugin to save packets in libpcap file format.</flag>
- <flag name="mysql">Build MySQL output plugin to save packets in a mysql database.</flag>
- <flag name="postgres">Build PGSQL output plugin to save packets in a postgres database.</flag>
- <flag name="sqlite">Build SQLITE3 output plugin to save packets in a sqlite database.</flag>
<flag name="nflog">Build NFLOG input plugin to support stateless packet-based logging via nfnetlink_queue.</flag>
<flag name="nfct">Build NFCT input plugin to support stateful flow-based logging via nf_conntrack_netlink.</flag>
<flag name="nfacct">Build NFACCT input plugin to support traffic accounting via nfnetlink_acct.</flag>