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parentupdated visit patchset (#582598) (diff)
app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs: replace v5.0.6 with v5.3.1.
A few ebuild changes were necessary. First, the man page and logrotate scripts have gone away and have been replaced with a hokey procedure to generate them (that we can't use in the ebuild). To keep things working, we now ship pre-generated copies of those two files. We also install the user.conf file which is a no-op out-of-the-box. My own changes to os.gentoo.conf upstream now allow us to use the default src_prepare(). Thanks are due to Tobias Sager who reported the new version and supplied the necessary fixes. Gentoo-Bug: 582874 Reported-By: Tobias Sager Package-Manager: portage-2.2.26
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-rw-r--r--app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.3.1.ebuild (renamed from app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.0.6.ebuild)35
4 files changed, 84 insertions, 32 deletions
diff --git a/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/Manifest b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/Manifest
index 1570cd8ff23..4b4f169dbe7 100644
--- a/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/Manifest
+++ b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/Manifest
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
DIST clamav-unofficial-sigs-3.7.2.tar.gz 38549 SHA256 96e98e6e4434c5950fa9831c6a43236fed7eabae44beded16171305cf3f9bdb9 SHA512 ee07bf521cca229bc85acb887c8e520149955732797a9d220e24f09cb9e89f9bd189ad77dc781c03c60bdaaec2bfa91a6c96cf7a0b689759cddf3ff231b8b0a4 WHIRLPOOL af4925c8a9bb8c09472131f98026b809da13e122a530c4a48614014b8156a259d37303cb1042da98d0bd8b0f4abef3cd7c05f2d549f87e1b7cd533d4a8d4d188
DIST clamav-unofficial-sigs-4.9.2.tar.gz 40301 SHA256 70e05f63add7e03d5af2dba6bcd31fda98646577798d99e6902e5f264c302e93 SHA512 46ec2e59c3838f4cff88562eacbd00ee1ad108f8f45500b9cde268c3d46bd3f6be68ff6136b7f3a4f6b628ff0b24f5dd10b2199e611b473acd7df82abf27b2c8 WHIRLPOOL 3029ee278629c3e8cf5471564e7ff054fc335e066d03653df82d07a87fa0dda76e41c5572c93fd0f28a434d002f3bdadd60043540378504c289333092aca412a
-DIST clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.0.6.tar.gz 34090 SHA256 1c3640a8548a09a02e62a9bc57d81f3c757cd193902f445b9e530a4ba5331585 SHA512 2466faef1ed5bddf70623724248f08f035a3083bb7f1de6ba80d33fd780a15c2e819cff4fc3acdd4131a7fa277683f9ce3d4ad9e0322ac396af8cdf052350b9b WHIRLPOOL 0efd21c2aa2b7c80877301d6262cb6cc96b7c66a851cb0de2f1371c487dd37188cc4ab44f64f2c4224826826d0ce075674b9b079850db19e0349eb7159546394
+DIST clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.3.1.tar.gz 113191 SHA256 f2b613c8fdc5197ab73fa499d5a5a82cc68889bf3c8b45bd90363e6f21154599 SHA512 2bd1d9dc8c1fb0490cc9c7776181a6e7cb180168cfa58ed0dd82901d41858cc463805fe7851f888bacdbfece5c46b012f85aad6e1966eb900a935f1d395ebdc5 WHIRLPOOL 4da9118e53f1af3cc7e88a64babad221c665678a5ccac4cb6c707286cf543414d12227d81d9fcae5c01361b8a15eca72e59df7669d47a6cf3662b813eacf2717
diff --git a/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.0.6.ebuild b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.3.1.ebuild
index b716b03b65e..2b0c955637b 100644
--- a/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.0.6.ebuild
+++ b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/clamav-unofficial-sigs-5.3.1.ebuild
@@ -23,34 +23,7 @@ RDEPEND="${DEPEND}
- net-misc/curl"
-src_prepare() {
- # clamd listens on a local socket by default. The clamd_socket
- # setting needs to be uncommented in the configuration file for it
- # to take effect.
- local socket_default="#clamd_socket=\"/var/run/clamav/clamd.sock\""
- local socket_gentoo="clamd_socket=\"/var/run/clamav/clamd.sock\""
- # The clamav init script doesn't provide a "reload" command,
- # so we reload manually.
- local reload_default="clamd_restart_opt=\"service clamd restart\""
- local reload_gentoo="clamd_restart_opt=\"clamdscan --reload\""
- sed -i "config/os.gentoo.conf" \
- -e "s~${socket_default}~${socket_gentoo}~" \
- -e "s~${reload_default}~${reload_gentoo}~" \
- || die "failed to update config/os.gentoo.conf"
- # Uncomment the "create" line in the logrotate.d file, and tighten
- # the permissions a bit.
- local logrotate_gentoo=" create 0640 clamav clamav"
- sed -e "s~# create 0644 clamav clamav~${logrotate_gentoo}~" \
- -i "logrotate.d/${PN}" \
- || die "failed to tighten permissions in logrotate.d/${PN}"
- eapply_user
+ || ( net-misc/wget net-misc/curl )"
src_install() {
dosbin "${PN}.sh"
@@ -61,13 +34,13 @@ src_install() {
dodir "/var/lib/${PN}"
insinto /etc/logrotate.d
- doins "logrotate.d/${PN}"
+ doins "${FILESDIR}/${PN}.logrotate"
insinto "/etc/${PN}"
- doins config/master.conf
+ doins config/{master,user}.conf
newins config/os.gentoo.conf os.conf
- doman "${PN}.8"
+ doman "${FILESDIR}/${PN}.8"
diff --git a/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/files/clamav-unofficial-sigs.8 b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/files/clamav-unofficial-sigs.8
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..d7cd1926f2f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/files/clamav-unofficial-sigs.8
@@ -0,0 +1,75 @@
+.\" Manual page for ClamAV Unofficial Signature Updater
+.TH clamav-unofficial-sigs 8 "07 May 2016" "Version: 5.3.0" "SCRIPT COMMANDS"
+clamav-unofficial-sigs \- Download, test, and install third-party ClamAV signature databases.
+.B clamav-unofficial-sigs
+.RI [ options ]
+\fBclamav-unofficial-sigs\fP provides a simple way to download, test, and update third-party signature databases provided by Sanesecurity, FOXHOLE, OITC, Scamnailer, BOFHLAND, CRDF, Porcupine, Securiteinfo, MalwarePatrol, Yara-Rules Project, etc. It will also generate and install cron, logrotate, and man files.
+Script updates can be found at: \fB\fP
+This script follows the standard GNU command line syntax.
+\fB Usage: clamav\-unofficial\ \fR [OPTION] [PATH|FILE]
+\fB \-c, \-\-config \fR Use a specific configuration file or directory eg: '\-c /your/dir' or ' \-c /your/' Note: If a directory is specified the directory must contain atleast: master.conf, os.conf or user.conf Default Directory: configgentoo
+\fB \-F, \-\-force \fR Force all databases to be downloaded, could cause ip to be blocked
+\fB \-h, \-\-help \fR Display this script's help and usage information
+\fB \-V, \-\-version \fR Output script version and date information
+\fB \-v, \-\-verbose \fR Be verbose, enabled when not run under cron
+\fB \-s, \-\-silence \fR Only output error messages, enabled when run under cron
+\fB \-d, \-\-decode\-sig \fR Decode a third\-party signature either by signature name (eg: Sanesecurity.Junk.15248) or hexadecimal string. This flag will 'NOT' decode image signatures
+\fB \-e, \-\-encode\-string \fR Hexadecimal encode an entire input string that can be used in any '*.ndb' signature database file
+\fB \-f, \-\-encode\-formatted \fR Hexadecimal encode a formatted input string containing signature spacing fields '{}, (), *', without encoding the spacing fields, so that the encoded signature can be used in any '*.ndb' signature database file
+\fB \-g, \-\-gpg\-verify \fR GPG verify a specific Sanesecurity database file eg: '\-g filename.ext' (do not include file path)
+\fB \-i, \-\-information \fR Output system and configuration information for viewing or possible debugging purposes
+\fB \-m, \-\-make\-database \fR Make a signature database from an ascii file containing data strings, with one data string per line. Additional information is provided when using this flag
+\fB \-t, \-\-test\-database \fR Clamscan integrity test a specific database file eg: '\-s filename.ext' (do not include file path)
+\fB \-o, \-\-output\-triggered \fR If HAM directory scanning is enabled in the script's configuration file, then output names of any third\-party signatures that triggered during the HAM directory scan
+\fB \-w, \-\-whitelist \fR Adds a signature whitelist entry in the newer ClamAV IGN2 format to 'my\-whitelist.ign2' in order to temporarily resolve a false\-positive issue with a specific third\-party signature. Script added whitelist entries will automatically be removed if the original signature is either modified or removed from the third\-party signature database
+\fB \-\-check\-clamav \fR If ClamD status check is enabled and the socket path is correctly specifiedthen test to see if clamd is running or not
+\fB \-\-install\-all \fR Install and generate the cron, logroate and man files, autodetects the values based on your config files
+\fB \-\-install\-cron \fR Install and generate the cron file, autodetects the values based on your config files
+\fB \-\-install\-logrotate \fR Install and generate the logrotate file, autodetects the values based on your config files
+\fB \-\-install\-man \fR Install and generate the man file, autodetects the values based on your config files
+\fB \-\-remove\-script \fR Remove the clamav\-unofficial\-sigs script and all of its associated files and databases from the system
+.BR clamd (8),
+.BR clamscan (1)
+Copyright (c) Adrian Jon Kriel ::
+You are free to use, modify and distribute, however you may not remove this notice.
+BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution)
+Report bugs to \fB\fP
+Adrian Jon Kriel ::
+Originially based on Script provide by Bill Landry
diff --git a/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/files/clamav-unofficial-sigs.logrotate b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/files/clamav-unofficial-sigs.logrotate
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..1d18581588d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs/files/clamav-unofficial-sigs.logrotate
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+/var/log/clamav-unofficial-sigs/clamav-unofficial-sigs.log {
+ create 0640 clamav clamav
+ missingok