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Upstream: - Update to jQuery 3.3.1 - Fix order of command namespaces for a problem not relevant to Gentoo - Fix excessive pickyness in TLS test - Deprecate Mojo::Transaction::success in favour of Mojo::Transaction::{result,error} - Add gzip compression support in dynamically generated responses via renderer->compress(1) - Add experimental Mojolicious::Renderer `compress` attribute. - Add experimental Mojolicious::renderer->respond - Add Mojo::Message->save_to - Add Mojo::ByteStream->{gzip,gunzip} - Add Mojo::Util->{gzip,gunzip} - Mojo::DOM::HTML improved HTML5.2 compliance. - Fix Mojo::Transaction::HTTP preventing `finish` event emission from Mojo::Message::Request - Fix Mojo::Promise not weakening reference in `ioloop` attribute after construction - Fix `is_fresh` helper only handling If-None-match headers with a single etag value - Add support for weak reference accessors in Mojo::Base - Require newer List::Util for `set_subname` - Fix bug in Mojo::UserAgent creating request timeouts twice - Mojo::Exception now includes a stack trace in verbose output - Mojo::Types now uses correct MIME types for woff and woff2 files - Add experimental Mojo::DynamicMethods module - Replace all uses of AUTOLOAD with faster alternative, making helpers 400% faster and stacktraces contain more information - Mojolicious "status" server method no longer experimental - Deprecate Plugin::PODRenderer in favour of CPAN alternatives - Deprecate Mojo::Home::mojo_lib_dir - Replace `continue,flash,redirect_to,respond_to` and validation methods in Mojolicious::Controller with Plugin::DefaultHelpers helpers - Add Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess->progress - Add Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess `progress` event - Mojo::Log log methods now accept closures to only generate content on demand, to avoid expensive debug code on production - Mojo::Log now uses time format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.ssssss" and includes process-id in log messages - Mojolicious now up to 10% more performant overall due to improved logging efficiency - Fix problem building templates where an image was missing - Fix debug log messages being generated for static files - Fix Mojo::Server::Morbo preventing before_server_start hook gettting triggered - Add Mojo::File->touch - Add Mojo::File->stat - Add Mojo::file->list_tree `max_depth` option - Add Mojo::IOLoop `reset` event - Add Mojo::ByteStream->split `limit` argument Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.103, Repoman-2.3.22 Signed-off-by: Kent Fredric <>
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