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This commit represents a new era for Gentoo: Storing the gentoo-x86 tree in Git, as converted from CVS. This commit is the start of the NEW history. Any historical data is intended to be grafted onto this point. Creation process: 1. Take final CVS checkout snapshot 2. Remove ALL ChangeLog* files 3. Transform all Manifests to thin 4. Remove empty Manifests 5. Convert all stale $Header$/$Id$ CVS keywords to non-expanded Git $Id$ 5.1. Do not touch files with -kb/-ko keyword flags. Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <> X-Thanks: Alec Warner <> - did the GSoC 2006 migration tests X-Thanks: Robin H. Johnson <> - infra guy, herding this project X-Thanks: Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> - Former Gentoo developer, wrote Git features for the migration X-Thanks: Brian Harring <> - wrote much python to improve cvs2svn X-Thanks: Rich Freeman <> - validation scripts X-Thanks: Patrick Lauer <> - Gentoo dev, running new 2014 work in migration X-Thanks: Michał Górny <> - scripts, QA, nagging X-Thanks: All of other Gentoo developers - many ideas and lots of paint on the bikeshed
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+# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# $Id$
+inherit eutils readme.gentoo qt4-r2
+DESCRIPTION="Android phone manager via ADB"
+KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
+ dev-qt/qtdeclarative:4"
+ app-arch/unzip"
+pkg_setup() {
+You will need a working Android SDK installation (adb and aapt executables)
+You can install Android SDK a) through portage (emerge android-sdk-update-manager
+and run android to download the actual sdk), b) manually from
+ or c) just grab the adb, aapt linux
+binaries from
+adb and aapt executables are in the platform-tools subdir of Android SDK
+Also you will need to have ROOT access to your phone along with busybox
+The latter can be found in the Android market
+Last, if you want to use the SMS manager of QtADB, you have to install
+QtADB.apk to your device, available here:
+If you have trouble getting your phone connected through usb (driver problem),
+try adbWireless from Android market to get connected through WiFi
+src_install() {
+ newicon images/android.png ${PN}.png
+ make_desktop_entry ${MY_PN} "${MY_PN}" ${PN} \
+ "Qt;PDA;Utility;" || die "Desktop entry creation failed"
+ dobin ${MY_PN}
+ readme.gentoo_create_doc