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net-misc/dahdi: version bump to fix compiler problems.
1. clang/LLVM 2. Kernel header changes (5.9 onwards) Three additional patches added to the patch set (two of which from dahdi-linux/next, and one just submitted): 09-dahdi-3.1.0-r3-remove-32bit-userspace-on-64bit-support.patch 10-dahdi-3.1.0-r3-ioctl-kernel-5.9.patch 11-dahdi-3.1.0-r3-clang.patch 09 is a dependency for 10, which is required since kernel version 5.9. The former seems to affect 32-bit userspace on 64-bit kernels only, and according to upstream there are no tests for this. 10 fixes the compile issues for kernels 5.9 onwards (which dropped ioctl from proc_ops structures. 11 imports clang fixes as per Signed-off-by: Jaco Kroon <> Closes: Closes: Closes: Signed-off-by: Joonas Niilola <>
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