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app-mobilephone/smssend, dev-libs/skyutils: fix SSLv3 support.
In commits 790eacc and ac28332, I added an "sslv3" USE flag to dev-libs/skyutils and revisioned app-mobilephone/smssend to depend on it. This fix was insufficient; any other programs linking to libskyutils would suffer the same problem, as Michał Górny pointed out. Two new revisions of the affected packages remove the "sslv3" option for dev-libs/skyutils, and make it depend on openssl[sslv3] when the user asks for SSL support. Note: this required the removal of LibreSSL support on skyutils. The new revision of app-mobilephone/smssend now depends on the fixed revision of skyutils. An additional fix was made, and now smssend depends on skyutils[ssl]. Without SSL support in libskyutils, many SMS providers simply don't work. Gentoo-Bug: 588326
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KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~ppc ~ppc64 ~sparc ~x86"
+# -r5 of skyutils fixes a runtime crash, bug 588326.
+# Without SSL support in skyutils, some providers fail.
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