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sys-devel/gcc: keyword 13.0.0_pre20220807 for ~loong
gcc-13 has been pretty stable over the weeks I have been using it, so keyword one latest gcc-13 snapshot for wider testing. This should bring the entire loong world to make use of the new-style relocs [1] [2]. Currently the loong kernel cannot be natively built with such a toolchain combination, but a fix is in the works [3]. Because no Gentoo kernel source package has been keyworded ~loong, and the current userbase can be effectively notified in other ways (the Telegram Loongson user group for example), I decided to proceed with the keywording to enable widespread testing of the fresh loong code. The various toolchain projects all cut their releases just recently so we should have plenty of time to polish things before the next big release. [1]: [2]:;a=commitdiff;h=6d13722a97cee3fd397e116bde3bcedbb1e220be;hp=5d471bd907be60e9858b22cdf4fd10ddc0f6ee1a [3]: Signed-off-by: WANG Xuerui <>
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