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parentdev-python/fido2: add missing RESTRICT="!test? ( test )" (diff)
eclass/savedconfig.eclass: rewrite the ROFF macros
man2html cannot cope with multi-character number-register names and also doesn't recognize the square brackets in the '\n' escape sequence. This breaks the autogenerated HTML output. Rename the number-register from "step" to "R" and get rid of the square brackets. URL: Closes: Signed-off-by: Göktürk Yüksek <> Acked-by: Lars Wendler <>
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diff --git a/eclass/savedconfig.eclass b/eclass/savedconfig.eclass
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--- a/eclass/savedconfig.eclass
+++ b/eclass/savedconfig.eclass
@@ -14,20 +14,20 @@
# so users can modify these config files and the ebuild will take it
# into account as needed.
-# @ROFF .nr step 1 1
+# @ROFF .nr R 1 1
# Typically you can create your own configuration files quickly by
# doing:
-# @ROFF .IP \n[step] 3
+# @ROFF .IP \nR 3
# Build the package with FEATURES=noclean USE=savedconfig.
-# @ROFF .IP \n+[step]
+# @ROFF .IP \n+R
# Go into the build dir and edit the relevant configuration system
# (e.g. `make menuconfig` or `nano config-header.h`). You can look
# at the files in /etc/portage/savedconfig/ to see what files get
# loaded/restored.
-# @ROFF .IP \n+[step]
+# @ROFF .IP \n+R
# Copy the modified configuration files out of the workdir and to
# the paths in /etc/portage/savedconfig/.
-# @ROFF .IP \n+[step]
+# @ROFF .IP \n+R
# Emerge the package with just USE=savedconfig to get the custom build.
inherit portability