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dev-util/maturin: re-enable some tests
Turns out was wrong about cli_tests, it doesn't ignore COLUMNS=80 and rather needs COLUMNS=100 to work right. Unsure what cause it to use 100 and then do 80 if COLUMNS is unset, perhaps the terminal that was used at the time of generation or portage internals are confusing its defaults (not seeing 100 set anywhere in maturin's source/ci?). Also value may not necessarily be right, 100 is just observed as the longest lines in tests/cmd/*.stdout. As for cargo lock, this been skipped since before I picked up maintenance and never quite knew why it fails "sometimes" (may be specific to rust version given I sometime ran into it only while stabilizing using stable rust). Seems to pass right now but may skip again if it comes back as it's not a big deal. Signed-off-by: Ionen Wolkens <>
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