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dev-qt/qtwebengine: replace -g3+ for -g unless custom-cflags (qt6)
On second thought let's do this, but keep a warning that mentions USE=custom-cflags given users may not be used to -g* getting replaced and then lacking the symbols they were expecting. Not going to keep disk space / memory usage updated for -g as estimates would likely be all over the place and consider that the warning is sufficient there. Not using a full replace-flags '-g*' -g to allow e.g. a package.env that adds -g0/-g1 at the end to still work while disregaring the warning without implementing extra logic. Note that have not retried -g to be sure it is fine, albeit pretty sure it was fine last time tried. Worst case could replace by -g1, or drop flags-respecting-patches and request debugging symbols to gn instead (selectively forces -g1 even if asked for more). Closes: Signed-off-by: Ionen Wolkens <>
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