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+Copyright (C) 1997, 1998 Paul Andrew Denisowski
+This licence statement and copyright notice applies to the CEDICT
+Chinese/English Dictionary file, the associated documentation file
+CEDICT.DOC, and any data files which are derived from them.
+Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of these files
+provided this copyright notice and permission notice is distributed with all
+copies. Any distribution of the files must take place without a financial
+return, except a charge to cover the cost of the distribution medium.
+Permission is granted to make and distribute extracts or subsets of the CEDICT
+file under the same conditions applying to verbatim copies.
+Permission is granted to translate the English elements of the CEDICT file
+into other languages, and to make and distribute copies of those translations
+under the same conditions applying to verbatim copies.
+These files may be freely used by individuals, and may be accessed by
+software belonging to, or operated by, such individuals.
+The files, extracts from the files, and translations of the files must not be
+sold as part of any commercial software package, nor must they be
+incorporated in any published dictionary or other printed document without
+the specific permission of the copyright holder.
+Copyright over the documents covered by this statement is held by
+Paul Denisowski.