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parentsys-apps/coreutils-8.28-r1: added ~mips, bug 636702 (diff)
layout.conf: Add manifest-required-hashes setting
Add the manifest-required-hashes setting that specifies which hashes need to be present in the Manifest files for Portage to consider old distfile checksums acceptable (and not refetch the files to rehash them). It is complementary to manifest-hashes that specifies which hashes are used in new/updated entries. Formerly, this setting was hardcoded in Portage. However, the new Portage release will no longer do that and instead expect layout.conf to supply the setting.
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diff --git a/metadata/layout.conf b/metadata/layout.conf
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+++ b/metadata/layout.conf
@@ -4,11 +4,17 @@
# For details on this file, see the layout.conf section of the
# portage(5) man page.
+# The following hashes are used for new/updated Manifest entries.
# This went live Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 10:00 UTC
manifest-hashes = SHA256 SHA512 WHIRLPOOL
+# The following hashes are required on all Manifest entries. If any
+# of them are missing, repoman will refetch and rehash old distfiles.
+# Otherwise, old distfiles will keep using their current hash set.
+manifest-required-hashes = SHA512
# 2013-04-09 gentoo's council says to deprecate EAPIs 1 and 2 (bug #470670).
# 2014-02-25 council meeting deprecated EAPIs 0 and 3.
# 2015-10-11 council meeting deprecated EAPI 4.