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- add USE=X to make GLX variant optional (can build without X libs) - enable sdl by default as it should make more sense than GLX nowadays, and seems to be preferred upstream wrt xonotic.desktop - drop USE=dedicated, disable X and sdl to get server-only - drop USE=debug, all this does I can see is add -g -ggdb to CFLAGS - drop USE=doc, upstream has deprecated the AFT docs in favor of the markdown ones (install unconditionally) - bump checkreqs - install more icons and use upstream's .desktop files - reduce reliance on the sed a bit and pass make args instead - depend on dev-games/ode even if server-only wrt bug #801220 - bug #830499 and bug #830500 would only trigger when setting up a clang toolchain for some reason, but is fixed with current layout This could likely use more work (darkplaces does all sort of stuff that could use more attention), but should work as expected albeit not tested much (hopefully not missing anything). Closes: Closes: Closes: Signed-off-by: Ionen Wolkens <>
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