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authorMatt Turner <>2019-09-01 23:07:43 -0700
committerMatt Turner <>2019-09-02 00:08:13 -0700
commit71ce315b0913d1562f8c7cfb0e018d3f9e39b60e (patch)
treea12a9c18b78ae8def82525cb7b26026602563e04 /net-fs/nfs-utils
parentnet-fs/nfs-utils: Don't unexport directories on restart (diff)
net-fs/nfs-utils: Handle quoted export directories
exports(5) says Blank lines are ignored. A pound sign ("#") introduces a comment to the end of the line. Entries may be continued across newlines using a backslash. If an export name contains spaces it should be quoted using double quotes. You can also specify spaces or other unusual character in the export name using a backslash followed by the character code as three octal digits. Thus, allow an optional single double-quote character before the /. Closes: Signed-off-by: Matt Turner <>
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diff --git a/net-fs/nfs-utils/files/nfs.initd b/net-fs/nfs-utils/files/nfs.initd
index bf599021c9a..59120629be3 100644
--- a/net-fs/nfs-utils/files/nfs.initd
+++ b/net-fs/nfs-utils/files/nfs.initd
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ start() {
# Exportfs likes to hang if networking isn't working.
# If that's the case, then try to kill it so the
# bootup process can continue.
- if grep -qs '^[[:space:]]*/' /etc/exports /etc/exports.d/*.exports ; then
+ if grep -qs '^[[:space:]]*"\?/' /etc/exports /etc/exports.d/*.exports ; then
ebegin "Exporting NFS directories"
${exportfs} -r &
waitfor_exportfs $!