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parentnet-fs/openafs: fix QA issues (diff)
net-fs/openafs: 1.8.2 version bump
- Update to upstream version 1.8.2 and patches from 1_8_x branch till 20181001. This fixes some open Gentoo bugs: 472184 (probably), 544162, 603890 (likely), 640874, 642542. - Merge openafs-kernel back into openafs: - save lots of build time (configure, compilling common code); - original split was required due to problems in the build system (e.g. -j1) which are fixed now. Now kernels < 4.21 are supported. - Add support for new features: - enable gssapi via kerberos; - allow to choose between namei and inode file servers; - add Tivoli TSM API support; - conrol ubik-read-while-write mode; - deprecate kauth tools (may be enabled via flag); - add support for perl bindings via swig; - Docs: - build api docs (using doxygen); - Build PDF docs, support all three generators (fop, dblatex, docbook2pdf). - Avoid file collision with heimdal (bug 631584). The client is tested on various configurations, the server is not. Closes: Closes: Closes: Closes: Closes: Closes: Signed-off-by: Andrew Savchenko <> Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.53, Repoman-2.3.11
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<name>Andrew Savchenko</name>
- <flag name="bitmap-later">Enable fast startup of file server by
- not reading bitmap till needed.</flag>
+ <flag name="api">Build API documentation using <pkg>app-doc/doxygen</pkg>.
+ May take a *long* time to build.</flag>
+ <flag name="bitmap-later">Enable fast startup of file server by not
+ reading bitmap till needed.</flag>
<flag name="fuse">Build fuse client.</flag>
+ <flag name="gssapi">Enable GSSAPI support via Kerberos (<pkg>virtual/krb5</pkg>).</flag>
+ <flag name="kauth">Install the DEPRECATED kauth server, PAM modules, and utilities</flag>
<flag name="modules">Build libafs kernel module. Disable only if you know
what you're doing: without this module OpenAFS client will not work.</flag>
+ <flag name="namei">Enable namei fileserver instead of inode fileserver.
+ You should disable this option only if compatibility with inode format AFS
+ storage is required.
+ </flag>
<flag name="pthreaded-ubik">Enable installation of pthreaded ubik applications.</flag>
<flag name="supergroups">Enable support for nested pts groups.</flag>
+ <flag name="tsm">Enable use of the Tivoli TSM API libraries from <pkg>app-backup/tsm</pkg>
+ for butc support. AMD64 only.</flag>
+ <flag name="ubik-read-while-write">Enable vlserver read from db cache during
+ write locks (EXPERIMENTAL)</flag>