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parentmail-client/evolution-3.32.5: Don't allow webkitgtk-2.26 (diff)
net-libs/webkit-gtk: security bump to 2.26.2
* Add unconditional sandboxing support, if available for the arch. * Switch IUSE=gles2 to IUSE=gles2-only, as it is an alternative to USE=opengl, not a co-existing one. * USE=wayland now requires wpebackend-fdo and co for accelerated compositing under wayland, if opengl is enabled. * Re-enable IUSE=+jumbo-build for unified source builds - it was unconditionally enabled before, but with 2.26 disabling it finally seems to work. Disabling it seems to result in a 2MB larger library and over twice the compile time, but it may be crucial to low RAM systems to be able to even build webkit-gtk at all. * gtk2 plugin process is now dropped upstream - no more adobe-flash support. * geoclue is a runtime-only depend now (dbus interface). * GCC/clang checks updated to the best of my understanding. * Added ruby:2.7 support for the build-time depend on it. Bug: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.79, Repoman-2.3.12 Signed-off-by: Mart Raudsepp <>
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DIST webkitgtk-2.24.4.tar.xz 17575784 BLAKE2B c30683ea365a50d7def572305b49278343d67739f9bd3cfd78cb08b5cc87b5453504df9b09752f8d6483b18b9b812f3d3cddc084762cfa8990fcc651660b89c2 SHA512 1d713955a735ae2e2229beea7bda7f518a6247c6aa7f5753aeb5b5c6395339d451d0d146f7188e7ba65cb82ea5a74a5e73e956fe59d5f5f97659a44af33df112
+DIST webkitgtk-2.26.2.tar.xz 19330000 BLAKE2B c0142aa19572c96e3dff11251316a4527be0357cf101177e056dd40aa9b5346216a4dcc14071d9c1240c101bd03f2179559d0d2bd81308967aba8530208186e0 SHA512 98d47282fd8f766dbe4a74c1a3f618aaeeeed69bd0666ed4e8674ae562b634681b3bd18b0d428df6bfefbaa3e18eb4cfb2fb077f5be4fed34cbc81c8293ec33e