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authorAnna (cybertailor) Vyalkova <>2021-09-09 14:20:26 +0300
committerJoonas Niilola <>2021-09-09 14:24:42 +0300
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parentnet-nntp/slrn: revbump to support canlock v3.x (diff)
net-nntp/tin: add 2.6.0
* set correct LICENSE (main code is licensed under 3-clause BSD, only metamutt script is GPL) * remove "doc" USE flag as unnecessary * remove "etiquette" USE flag (can be toggled in tinrc) * remove "ipv6" USE flag (no external deps) * remove "unicode" USE flag (tin 2.6 builds with ncursesw only) * remove "mime" and "spell" USE flags (optional runtime functionality) * depend unconditionally on dev-libs/icu * depend on virtual/libintl instead of gettext (tarball already has .gmo files) * add yacc build dependency * unbundle libcanlock * -> * install localized manpages * do not remove mbox.5 and mmdf.5 manpages (e-file reports no collisions) Couldn't reproduce bug #725226 Bug: Closes: Signed-off-by: Anna Vyalkova <> Signed-off-by: Joonas Niilola <>
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