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app-shells/bash: declare the genfun_set_win_title function unconditionally
Presently, revisions 5.1_p16-r10, 5.2_p26-r3 and bash-5.3_alpha-r2 refrain from declaring the genfun_set_win_title function at all in the case that the tty belongs to sshd(8). This is to avoid cluttering the shell's operating environment in situations where the decision is made not to append 'genfun_set_win_title' to the PROMPT_COMMANDS array. One might ask why it should not always be appended to the array. The explanation for this is that Gentoo Linux does not exist in a vacuum; not all operating systems default to initialising bash in such a way that it can be assumed that the title will be set at each prompt (or at all). Where SSH is involved, the server has no knowledge whatsoever of the particulars of the client OS or its operating environment. This would previously give rise to the following scenario. 1. User runs ssh(1) from non-Gentoo to connect to sshd(8) on Gentoo 2. The remote shell alters the window title 3. The user eventually exits the remote shell. 4. The window title is never restored to its prior value Put simply, there is no way for the remote side to know what the existing window title is, much less guarantee that it be restored on the client side. All that being said - and rather unsurprisingly - some Gentoo users will care nothing for these considerations or are simply operating in a homogenous environment where they are not an immediate concern. Try to accommodate the wishes of such users more effectively by declaring the function unconditionally. Consequently, they will have the option of restoring Gentoo's historical behaviour in a somewhat straightforward manner. That is, by setting PROMPT_COMMAND in ~/.bashrc or in an /etc/bash/bashrc.d/ drop-in to the effect of the following. PROMPT_COMMAND=(genfun_set_win_title) Signed-off-by: Kerin Millar <> Bug: Signed-off-by: Sam James <>
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