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authorJoonas Niilola <>2019-03-04 16:42:17 +0200
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skel.ebuild: update for EAPI-7
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diff --git a/skel.ebuild b/skel.ebuild
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--- a/skel.ebuild
+++ b/skel.ebuild
@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@
# It is suggested that you use the latest EAPI approved by the Council.
# The PMS contains specifications for all EAPIs. Eclasses will test for this
# variable if they need to use features that are not universal in all EAPIs.
+# If an eclass doesn't support latest EAPI, use the previous EAPI instead.
# inherit lists eclasses to inherit functions from. For example, an ebuild
# that needs the eautoreconf function from autotools.eclass won't work
@@ -89,11 +91,16 @@ IUSE="gnome X"
# The below is valid if the same run-time depends are required to compile.
+# Build-time dependencies that are executed during the emerge process, and
+# only need to be present in the native build system (CBUILD). Example:
# Source directory; the dir where the sources can be found (automatically
# unpacked) inside ${WORKDIR}. The default value for S is ${WORKDIR}/${P}
# If you don't need to change it, leave the S= line out of the ebuild
# to keep it tidy.
# The following src_configure function is implemented as default by portage, so
@@ -116,7 +123,7 @@ RDEPEND="${DEPEND}"
# --mandir=/usr/share/man || die
# Note the use of --infodir and --mandir, above. This is to make
# this package FHS 2.2-compliant. For more information, see
- #
+ #
# The following src_compile function is implemented as default by portage, so