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parentnet-analyzer/graphite-web: update HOMEPAGE, add GitHub to metadata.xml (diff)
net-analyzer/graphite-web: fix deps, re-add USE=ldap, misc.
* Sort dependencies. * Do not require python[sqlite], it is never directly used. * Do not require twisted or txAMQP, they are not directly used by graphite-web. * Do not require zope-interface, it was removed in * Do not require whisper. It is optional and in the future we could probably use carbon with ceres instead of whisper. * pytz and pyparsing are not bundled any more, remove the call to rm. * Use python_prepare_all instead of src_prepare. * Install examples only once in the _all function. Use dodoc instead of doins. Do not compress them. * Use the recommended way to configure the app instead of re-creating * Do not remove build-index from install but rename it. * Run build-index during pkg_config() instead of just creating an empty file. This allows us to drop the complex python file parsing. * Mention build-index in the postinst message. Only display the message for new installs. Use elog instead of einfo. * Create the /var/{lib,log}/graphite-web directories which are referenced in * Add the example database location to the FHS-style settings patch. * Fix STATIC_ROOT in the FHS-style settings patch. * Add missing || die to the ln call. * bump to EAPI=7. Closes: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.40, Repoman-2.3.9
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