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Revert dev-python/pyzmq py2 and net-wireless/urh updateHEADmaster
This commit reverts a revert of python2 support removal for dev-python/pyzmq. The original commit that remove py2 support was 3635fb573254 (dev-python/pyzmq: Remove py2), committed January 28th. Since then presumably a large number of dependencies of pyzmq have also dropped python2 support, because after commit c3bb20728e45 (Revert "Revert "dev-python/pyzmq: Remove py2"") from February 25 pkgcheck scan says: NonsolvableDepsInStable: version 16.0.2: nonsolvable depset(depend) keyword(amd64) stable profile (default/linux/amd64/17.0) (76 total): ... ... NonsolvableDepsInStable: version 17.1.0: nonsolvable depset(depend) keyword(amd64) stable profile (default/linux/amd64/17.0) (57 total): ... So it doesn't appear to be a trivial task to restore py2 support to pyzmq. Unfortunately this will break net-wireless/urh (both in terms of the software and in terms of the deptree). To keep the deptree in good shape commit f1b680936d23 (net-wireless/urh: fix deps, probably) must also be reverted. This reverts commit c3bb20728e45505d9b4a48164f37bb3288577d67. This reverts commit f1b680936d23084dc28bcab64e2cc4103a420303. Signed-off-by: Matt Turner <>
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