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dev-libs/libgcrypt: wire up CPU_FLAGS_ARM_* for crypto extensionsHEADmaster
Note that we currently use an all-or-nothing approach as I'm only aware of ARM CPUs supporting all of: cpu_flags_arm_{aes,sha1,sha2} or none, but it does look like it's possible (or will be in future) to support some crypto extensions but not all. The libgcrypt build system only exposes --disable-arm-crypto-support which uses at least both AES and SHA* instructions right now with no way to disable just one. Given in the wild, we're only aware of all-or-nothing CPUs, let's just add REQUIRED_USE logic for safety for now, and enable/disable based on all of cpu_flags_arm_{aes,sha1,sha2} being set by the user (which, again, should be the case for all known CPUs. cpuid2cpuflags will do this automatically.) Needed to avoid automagic usage of crypto extensions which may cause problems for e.g. binpkgs. Signed-off-by: Sam James <>
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