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diff --git a/sci-libs/vtk/metadata.xml b/sci-libs/vtk/metadata.xml
index dbcdc25b234..9faa532b1c8 100644
--- a/sci-libs/vtk/metadata.xml
+++ b/sci-libs/vtk/metadata.xml
@@ -11,14 +11,14 @@
<flag name="cg">Use nvidia's cg shaders</flag>
<flag name="gdal">Support for gdal formated data</flag>
<flag name="imaging">Building Imaging modules</flag>
- <flag name="json">Support for json formated data</flag>
+ <flag name="json">Support for json formatted data</flag>
<flag name="kaapi">Use <pkg>sci-libs/xkaapi</pkg> to handle smp support</flag>
<flag name="offscreen">Offscreen rendering through OSMesa</flag>
<flag name="rendering">Building Redering modules</flag>
<flag name="tbb">Use <pkg>dev-cpp/tbb</pkg> to handle smp support</flag>
<flag name="views">Building Views modules</flag>
<flag name="web">Install web component</flag>
- <flag name="xdmf2">Support for xdmf2 formated data</flag>
+ <flag name="xdmf2">Support for xdmf2 formatted data</flag>
<flag name="R">Enable support for dev-lang/R</flag>