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diff --git a/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml b/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml
index 4f3e6468a5c..bad7df93d58 100644
--- a/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml
+++ b/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml
@@ -15,31 +15,6 @@ version: 1
# minimum
repoman_version: 2.3.3
- COPYRIGHT_ERROR: 'Invalid Gentoo Copyright on line: %d'
- LICENSE_ERROR: 'Invalid Gentoo/GPL License on line: %d'
- ID_HEADER_ERROR: 'Stale CVS header on line: %d'
- NO_BLANK_LINE_ERROR: 'Non-blank line after header on line: %d'
- LEADING_SPACES_ERROR: 'Ebuild contains leading spaces on line: %d'
- TRAILING_WHITESPACE_ERROR: 'Trailing whitespace error on line: %d'
- READONLY_ASSIGNMENT_ERROR: 'Ebuild contains assignment to read-only variable on line: %d'
- MISSING_QUOTES_ERROR: 'Unquoted Variable on line: %d'
- NESTED_DIE_ERROR: 'Ebuild calls die in a subshell on line: %d'
- PATCHES_ERROR: 'PATCHES is not a bash array on line: %d'
- REDUNDANT_CD_S_ERROR: 'Ebuild has redundant cd ${S} statement on line: %d'
- EMAKE_PARALLEL_DISABLED: 'Upstream parallel compilation bug (ebuild calls emake -j1 on line: %d)'
- EMAKE_PARALLEL_DISABLED_VIA_MAKEOPTS: 'Upstream parallel compilation bug (MAKEOPTS=-j1 on line: %d)'
- DEPRECATED_BINDNOW_FLAGS: 'Deprecated bindnow-flags call on line: %d'
- EAPI_DEFINED_AFTER_INHERIT: 'EAPI defined after inherit on line: %d'
- NO_AS_NEEDED: 'Upstream asneeded linking bug (no-as-needed on line: %d)'
- PRESERVE_OLD_LIB: 'Ebuild calls deprecated preserve_old_lib on line: %d'
- BUILT_WITH_USE: 'built_with_use on line: %d'
- NO_OFFSET_WITH_HELPERS: 'Helper function is used with D, ROOT, ED, EROOT or EPREFIX on line: %d'
- SANDBOX_ADDPREDICT: 'Ebuild calls addpredict on line: %d'
- USEQ_ERROR: 'Ebuild calls deprecated useq function on line: %d'
- HASQ_ERROR: 'Ebuild calls deprecated hasq function on line: %d'
- URI_HTTPS: 'Ebuild uses http:// but should use https:// on line: %d'
- ant-tasks
- apache-2
diff --git a/metadata/repoman/qa_data.yaml b/metadata/repoman/qa_data.yaml
index c39aec9dda4..4aa96163349 100644
--- a/metadata/repoman/qa_data.yaml
+++ b/metadata/repoman/qa_data.yaml
@@ -33,133 +33,6 @@ no_exec_files:
- ChangeLog
- metadata.xml
-# qahelp: Primary QA help messages to describe the errors or warnings
-# Dictionary
- Entries:
- IO_error: "Attempting to commit, and an IO error was encountered access the Entries file"
- ebuild:
- invalidname: "Ebuild files with a non-parseable or syntactically incorrect name (or using 2.1 versioning extensions)"
- namenomatch: "Ebuild files that do not have the same name as their parent directory"
- notadded: "Ebuilds that exist but have not been added to the vcs"
- patches: "PATCHES variable should be a bash array to ensure white space safety"
- changelog:
- ebuildadded: "An ebuild was added but the ChangeLog was not modified"
- missing: "Missing ChangeLog files"
- notadded: "ChangeLogs that exist but have not been added to cvs"
- dependency:
- bad: "User-visible ebuilds with unsatisfied dependencies (matched against *visible* ebuilds)"
- badmasked: "Masked ebuilds with unsatisfied dependencies (matched against *all* ebuilds)"
- badindev: "User-visible ebuilds with unsatisfied dependencies (matched against *visible* ebuilds) in developing arch"
- badmaskedindev: Masked ebuilds with unsatisfied dependencies (matched against *all* ebuilds) in developing arch"
- badtilde: "Uses the ~ dep operator with a non-zero revision part, which is useless (the revision is ignored)"
- missingslot: "RDEPEND matches more than one SLOT but does not specify a slot and/or use the := or :* slot operator"
- perlcore: "This ebuild directly depends on a package in perl-core; it should use the corresponding virtual instead."
- syntax: "Syntax error in dependency string (usually an extra/missing space/parenthesis)"
- unknown: "Ebuild has a dependency that refers to an unknown package (which may be valid if it is a blocker for a renamed/removed package, or is an alternative choice provided by an overlay)"
- badslotop: "RDEPEND contains ':=' slot operator under '||' dependency."
- missing: "Ebuilds that have a missing or empty DESCRIPTION variable"
- toolong: "DESCRIPTION is over %d characters"
- digest:
- assumed: "Existing digest must be assumed correct (Package level only)"
- missing: "Some files listed in SRC_URI aren't referenced in the Manifest"
- unused: "Some files listed in the Manifest aren't referenced in SRC_URI"
- definition: "EAPI definition does not conform to PMS section 7.3.1 (first non-comment, non-blank line)"
- deprecated: "Ebuilds that use features that are deprecated in the current EAPI"
- incompatible: "Ebuilds that use features that are only available with a different EAPI"
- unsupported: "Ebuilds that have an unsupported EAPI version (you must upgrade portage)"
- ebuild:
- absdosym: "This ebuild uses absolute target to dosym where relative symlink could be used instead"
- badheader: "This ebuild has a malformed header"
- majorsyn: "This ebuild has a major syntax error that may cause the ebuild to fail partially or fully"
- minorsyn: "This ebuild has a minor syntax error that contravenes gentoo coding style"
- nesteddie: "Placing 'die' inside ( ) prints an error, but doesn't stop the ebuild."
- output: "A simple sourcing of the ebuild produces output; this breaks ebuild policy."
- syntax: "Error generating cache entry for ebuild; typically caused by ebuild syntax error or digest verification failure"
- file:
- executable: "Ebuilds, digests, metadata.xml, Manifest, and ChangeLog do not need the executable bit"
- size: "Files in the files directory must be under 20 KiB"
- size-fatal: "Files in the files directory must be under 60 KiB"
- empty: "Empty file in the files directory"
- name: "File/dir name must be composed of only the following chars: %s "
- UTF8: "File is not UTF8 compliant"
- missing: "Ebuilds that have a missing or empty HOMEPAGE variable"
- virtual: "Virtuals that have a non-empty HOMEPAGE variable"
- missingurischeme: "HOMEPAGE is missing an URI scheme"
- inherit:
- deprecated: "Ebuild inherits a deprecated eclass"
- missing: "Ebuild uses functions from an eclass but does not inherit it"
- unused: "Ebuild inherits an eclass but does not use it"
- invalid: "This ebuild has a variable in IUSE that is not in the use.desc or its metadata.xml file"
- missing: "This ebuild has a USE conditional which references a flag that is not listed in IUSE"
- rubydeprecated: "The ebuild has set a ruby interpreter in USE_RUBY, that is not available as a ruby target anymore"
- java:
- eclassesnotused: "With virtual/jdk in DEPEND you must inherit a java eclass"
- dropped: "Ebuilds that appear to have dropped KEYWORDS for some arch"
- invalid: "This ebuild contains KEYWORDS that are not listed in profiles/arch.list or for which no valid profile was found"
- missing: "Ebuilds that have a missing or empty KEYWORDS variable"
- stable: "Ebuilds that have been added directly with stable KEYWORDS"
- stupid: "Ebuilds that use KEYWORDS=-* instead of package.mask"
- deprecated: "This ebuild is listing a deprecated license."
- invalid: "This ebuild is listing a license that doesnt exist in portages license/ dir."
- missing: "Ebuilds that have a missing or empty LICENSE variable"
- syntax: "Syntax error in LICENSE (usually an extra/missing space/parenthesis)"
- virtual: "Virtuals that have a non-empty LICENSE variable"
- stable: "This ebuild is a live checkout from a VCS but has stable keywords."
- unmasked: "This ebuild is a live checkout from a VCS but has keywords and is not masked in the global package.mask."
- manifest:
- bad: "Manifest has missing or incorrect digests"
- metadata:
- bad: "Bad metadata.xml files"
- missing: "Missing metadata.xml files"
- warning: "Warnings in metadata.xml files"
- suspect: "PDEPEND contains a package that usually only belongs in DEPEND."
- portage:
- internal: "The ebuild uses an internal Portage function or variable"
- syntax: "Syntax error in PROVIDE (usually an extra/missing space/parenthesis)"
- syntax: "Syntax error in PROPERTIES (usually an extra/missing space/parenthesis)"
- implicit: "RDEPEND is unset in the ebuild which triggers implicit RDEPEND=$DEPEND assignment (prior to EAPI 4)"
- suspect: "RDEPEND contains a package that usually only belongs in DEPEND."
- repo:
- eapi-banned: "The ebuild uses an EAPI which is banned by the repository's metadata/layout.conf settings"
- eapi-deprecated: "The ebuild uses an EAPI which is deprecated by the repository's metadata/layout.conf settings"
- invalid: "This ebuild contains invalid RESTRICT values."
- syntax: "Syntax error in RESTRICT (usually an extra/missing space/parenthesis)"
- syntax: "Syntax error in REQUIRED_USE (usually an extra/missing space/parenthesis)"
- invalid: "Ebuilds that have a missing or invalid SLOT variable value"
- syntax: "Syntax error in SRC_URI (usually an extra/missing space/parenthesis)"
- mirror: "A uri listed in profiles/thirdpartymirrors is found in SRC_URI"
- upstream:
- workaround: "The ebuild works around an upstream bug, an upstream bug should be filed and tracked in"
- uri:
- https: "URI uses http:// but should use https://"
- usage:
- obsolete: "The ebuild makes use of an obsolete construct"
- variable:
- invalidchar: "A variable contains an invalid character that is not part of the ASCII character set"
- readonly: "Assigning a readonly variable"
- usedwithhelpers: "Ebuild uses D, ROOT, ED, EROOT or EPREFIX with helpers"
- oldstyle: "The ebuild PROVIDEs an old-style virtual (see GLEP 37)"
- virtual:
- suspect: "Ebuild contains a package that usually should be pulled via virtual/, not directly."
- wxwidgets:
- eclassnotused: "Ebuild DEPENDs on x11-libs/wxGTK without inheriting wxwidgets.eclass"
# qawarnings: Non-fatal warnings,
# all values in here MUST have a corresponding qahelp entry
# list