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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
+ <email></email>
+ <name>Gentoo Resources for Ada</name>
<longdescription>XML/Ada includes a complete XML parser that fully supports the XML 1.0 specifications, including DTDs, entity resolution, external entities,attribute normalization, and conditional sections. XML/Ada also supports the SAX 2.0 standard. Through an object-oriented Ada interface, the XML/Ada SAX implementation provides an extremely efficient way to convert XML streams to application-specific data representations. XML/Ada includes full support for the core part of DOM 2.0. In addition to this XML support, XML/Ada includes an extensive set of packages to read, manipulate and write Unicode streams, in various encodings like UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32. It provides a conversion mechanism between Unicode and encodings such as Latin-1, Latin-2, etc.</longdescription>