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<flag name="devhelp">Provide API docs browsing and integration via <pkg>dev-util/devhelp</pkg></flag>
<flag name="git">Provide support for the Git version control system via <pkg>dev-libs/libgit2-glib</pkg>
(such as setup of Git for New Project, direct cloning for Open Project and changed lines indicators in the editor gutter)</flag>
+ <flag name="glade">Provide integration with <pkg>dev-util/glade</pkg> UI designer for Gtk</flag>
<flag name="sysprof">Provide an integrated profiler via <pkg>dev-util/sysprof</pkg></flag>
<flag name="vala">Provide an autoindenter, autocompletion, diagnostics, and symbol resolver for Vala</flag>
<flag name="webkit">Enable <pkg>net-libs/webkit-gtk</pkg> using plugins support and the HTML/Markdown previewer plugin</flag>