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<flag name="assistant">Enable git-annex assistant and watch command</flag>
- <flag name="android">Building for Android</flag>
- <flag name="androidsplice">Get TH splices for Android.</flag>
+ <flag name="benchmark">Enable benchmarking</flag>
<flag name="asciiprogress">Use ascii-progress library (experimental)</flag>
- <flag name="cryptohash">Enable use of cryptohash for checksumming</flag>
<flag name="concurrentoutput">Use concurrent-output library (experimental)</flag>
<flag name="cryptonite">Use the cryptonite library, instead of the older cryptohash</flag>
<flag name="database">Enable building with <pkg>dev-haskell/persistent</pkg> for database use</flag>
<flag name="desktopnotify">Enable desktop environment notifications</flag>
- <flag name="desktop-notify">Enable desktop environment notifications</flag>
<flag name="dns">Enable the haskell DNS library for DNS lookup</flag>
<flag name="ekg">Enable use of EKG to monitor git-annex as it runs.</flag>
<flag name="feed">Enable podcast feed support</flag>
<flag name="network-uri">Get Network.URI from the network-uri package.</flag>
- <flag name="production">Enable production build (slower build; faster binary)</flag>
<flag name="pairing">Enable pairing of git annex repositories</flag>
<flag name="quvi">Enable use of quvi to download videos</flag>
<flag name="s3">Enable Amazon S3 remote</flag>
<flag name="tahoe">Enable the tahoe special remote</flag>
<flag name="tdfa">Use regex-tdfa for wildcards</flag>
- <flag name="testsuite">Embed the test suite into git-annex</flag>
<flag name="torrentparser">Use haskell torrent library to parse torrent files</flag>
<flag name="webapp">Enable git-annex webapp</flag>
<flag name="webapp-secure">Secure webapp</flag>