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diff --git a/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml b/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml
index 4f3e6468a5c..bad7df93d58 100644
--- a/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml
+++ b/metadata/repoman/linechecks.yaml
@@ -15,31 +15,6 @@ version: 1
# minimum
repoman_version: 2.3.3
- COPYRIGHT_ERROR: 'Invalid Gentoo Copyright on line: %d'
- LICENSE_ERROR: 'Invalid Gentoo/GPL License on line: %d'
- ID_HEADER_ERROR: 'Stale CVS header on line: %d'
- NO_BLANK_LINE_ERROR: 'Non-blank line after header on line: %d'
- LEADING_SPACES_ERROR: 'Ebuild contains leading spaces on line: %d'
- TRAILING_WHITESPACE_ERROR: 'Trailing whitespace error on line: %d'
- READONLY_ASSIGNMENT_ERROR: 'Ebuild contains assignment to read-only variable on line: %d'
- MISSING_QUOTES_ERROR: 'Unquoted Variable on line: %d'
- NESTED_DIE_ERROR: 'Ebuild calls die in a subshell on line: %d'
- PATCHES_ERROR: 'PATCHES is not a bash array on line: %d'
- REDUNDANT_CD_S_ERROR: 'Ebuild has redundant cd ${S} statement on line: %d'
- EMAKE_PARALLEL_DISABLED: 'Upstream parallel compilation bug (ebuild calls emake -j1 on line: %d)'
- EMAKE_PARALLEL_DISABLED_VIA_MAKEOPTS: 'Upstream parallel compilation bug (MAKEOPTS=-j1 on line: %d)'
- DEPRECATED_BINDNOW_FLAGS: 'Deprecated bindnow-flags call on line: %d'
- EAPI_DEFINED_AFTER_INHERIT: 'EAPI defined after inherit on line: %d'
- NO_AS_NEEDED: 'Upstream asneeded linking bug (no-as-needed on line: %d)'
- PRESERVE_OLD_LIB: 'Ebuild calls deprecated preserve_old_lib on line: %d'
- BUILT_WITH_USE: 'built_with_use on line: %d'
- NO_OFFSET_WITH_HELPERS: 'Helper function is used with D, ROOT, ED, EROOT or EPREFIX on line: %d'
- SANDBOX_ADDPREDICT: 'Ebuild calls addpredict on line: %d'
- USEQ_ERROR: 'Ebuild calls deprecated useq function on line: %d'
- HASQ_ERROR: 'Ebuild calls deprecated hasq function on line: %d'
- URI_HTTPS: 'Ebuild uses http:// but should use https:// on line: %d'
- ant-tasks
- apache-2