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diff --git a/net-misc/openssh/openssh-7.1_p1-r2.ebuild b/net-misc/openssh/openssh-7.1_p1-r2.ebuild
index 24cdf966c59..42a6a3d1d53 100644
--- a/net-misc/openssh/openssh-7.1_p1-r2.ebuild
+++ b/net-misc/openssh/openssh-7.1_p1-r2.ebuild
@@ -308,12 +308,16 @@ pkg_postinst() {
elog "Make sure to update any configs that you might have. Note that xinetd might"
elog "be an alternative for you as it supports USE=tcpd."
- if has_version "<${CATEGORY}/${PN}-7.1_p1" ; then #557388
+ if has_version "<${CATEGORY}/${PN}-7.1_p1" ; then #557388 #555518
elog "Starting with openssh-7.0, support for ssh-dss keys were disabled due to their"
elog "weak sizes. If you rely on these key types, you can re-enable the key types by"
elog "adding to your sshd_config or ~/.ssh/config files:"
elog " PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes=+ssh-dss"
elog "You should however generate new keys using rsa or ed25519."
+ elog "Starting with openssh-7.0, the default for PermitRootLogin changed from 'yes'"
+ elog "to 'prohibit-password'. That means password auth for root users no longer works"
+ elog "out of the box. If you need this, please update your sshd_config explicitly."
if ! use ssl && has_version "${CATEGORY}/${PN}[ssl]" ; then
elog "Be aware that by disabling openssl support in openssh, the server and clients"