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+ <herd>sci-chemistry</herd>
+ <maintainer>
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+ <longdescription>
+Nmrglue has the ability to read, write and convert between a number of NMR file
+formats including Agilent/Varian, Bruker, NMRPipe, Sparky, SIMPSON, Rowland NMR
+Toolkit files. The files, which are represented in Python as dictionaries of
+spectral parameters and NumPy ndarray objects, can be easily examined, modified
+and processed as desired.
+Nmrglue provides a number of functions for processing NMR data such as
+apodization, spectral shifting, Fourier and other transformations, baseline
+smoothing and flattening, and linear prediction modeling and extrapolation.
+In addition new processing schemes can be implemented easily using the nmrglue
+provided functions and the multitude of numerical routines provided by the NumPy
+and SciPy packages.
+When used in conjunction with the matplotlib (or other) python plotting library
+nmrglue can be used to create publication quality figures of NMR spectrum or
+examine data interactively.
+ <upstream>
+ <remote-id type="github">jjhelmus/nmrglue</remote-id>
+ </upstream>