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-1. Set up your database:
-cd ${MY_INSTALLDIR}/default_data
-If using MySQL-3*: mysql -uroot -p mysql < createdbanduser.sql
-If using MySQL-4*: mysql -uroot -p mysql < createdbanduser4x.sql
-Then change the default password:
-mysql -uroot -p mysql
-mysql> update user set password = password('<newpassword>') where user = 'metadot';
-mysql> flush privileges;
-mysql> quit
-mysql -umetadot -p<newpassword> metadotdb < sampledata.sql
-2. Edit the Metadot configuration file:
-edit ${MY_INSTALLDIR}/etc/metadot.conf
-Set your database password from step 1.
-Read the online docs! Especially if you want to use virtual servers.
-3. Configure Apache:
-The ebuild installed an Apache configfile: ${VHOST_ROOT}/${PN}.conf
-Copy it into /etc/{apache,apache2}/vhosts.d and edit it to
-suit your needs.
-4. Configure cronjobs.
-Read the relevant section in the docs, and be sure to specify the right paths.
-HINT: /home/metadot is not used, everything is in ${MY_INSTALLDIR}
-5. Now go to http://${VHOST_HOSTNAME}/${VHOST_APPDIR}/
-Hopefully everything worked. Now go read the docs and set up your Metadot, and
-change the default Admin password.
-Don't forget to read the online docs!!!