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<flag name="headless">Build Ozone only with headless backend, NOT RECOMMENDED for general use.</flag>
<flag name="hangouts">Enable support for Google Hangouts features such as screen sharing</flag>
<flag name="official">Enable Official build instead of Developer build.</flag>
- <flag name="ozone">Enable Ozone platform abstraction layer with X11 backend.</flag>
<flag name="pic">Disable optimized assembly code that is not PIC friendly</flag>
<flag name="proprietary-codecs">Enable codecs for patent-encumbered audio and video formats.</flag>
<flag name="suid">Build the SUID sandbox, which is only needed on CONFIG_USER_NS=n kernels</flag>
<flag name="system-ffmpeg">Use system ffmpeg instead of the bundled one</flag>
<flag name="system-icu">Use system icu instead of the bundled one</flag>
- <flag name="system-libvpx">Use system libvpx instead of the bundled one</flag>
<flag name="tcmalloc">Use bundled tcmalloc instead of system malloc</flag>
- <flag name="ozone-wayland">Enable Wayland backend for Ozone.</flag>
<flag name="widevine">Unsupported closed-source DRM capability (required by Netflix VOD)</flag>