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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
+ <maintainer>
+ <email></email>
+ <name>Anthony G. Basile</name>
+ </maintainer>
+ <maintainer>
+ <email></email>
+ <name>Christian Ruppert</name>
+ <description>Secondary maintainer</description>
+ </maintainer>
+ <use>
+ <flag name="tools">Build additional tools: varnishhist, varnishstat, varnishtop, varnishsizes</flag>
+ <flag name="jemalloc">Use dev-libs/jemalloc for allocations</flag>
+ </use>
+ <longdescription lang="en">
+ Varnish is an HTTP accelerator. An HTTP accelerator (often called Reverse Proxy)
+ is an application that stores (caches) documents that have been requested over
+ the HTTP protocol.
+ Based on certain criteria the next client requesting the document is either
+ given the cached document, or a "fresh" document requested from a backend
+ server. The purpose of this is to minimize the requests going to the backend
+ server(s) by serving the same document to potentially many users.
+ The goal of Varnish is to be a very fast, stable and effective light-weight HTTP
+ accelerator daemon, by using modern and effective technologies. Ease of
+ managment and good documentation is also a main goal of the project since the
+ lack of either one will render Varnish useless.
+ </longdescription>