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<flag name="256-color">Enable 256 color support</flag>
-<flag name="alt-font-width">Calculate the font width using a different method</flag>
<flag name="blink">Enable blinking text</flag>
-<flag name="buffer-on-clear">Store visible output to history buffer when clearing the screen with ctrl-l. Read</flag>
<flag name="fading-colors">Enable colors fading when off focus</flag>
-<flag name="focused-urgency">Enable the urgent flag when a terminal window is focused</flag>
<flag name="font-styles">Enable support for bold and italic fonts</flag>
+<flag name="gdk-pixbuf">Enable transparency support using <pkg>x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf</pkg></flag>
<flag name="iso14755">Enable ISO-14755 support</flag>
<flag name="mousewheel">Enable scrolling via mouse wheel or buttons 4 and 5</flag>
<flag name="perl">Enable perl script support. You can still disable this at runtime with -pe ""</flag>
-<flag name="gdk-pixbuf">Enable transparency support using <pkg>x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf</pkg></flag>
-<flag name="secondary-wheel">Support for wheel scrolling on secondary screens (like mutt). Read</flag>
<flag name="unicode3">Use 21 instead of 16 bits to represent unicode characters</flag>
<flag name="utmp">Enable utmp support</flag>
-<flag name="wcwidth">Enable wide char width support</flag>
<flag name="wtmp">Enable wtmp support</flag>