Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* app-benchmarks/wrk: Fix lua dep and patch MakefileVikraman Choudhury2018-02-162-1/+38
* net-mail/mu: Bump to version 1.0Vikraman Choudhury2018-02-042-0/+79
* app-benchmarks/wrk: Bump to version 4.1.0Vikraman Choudhury2018-02-042-0/+33
* app-admin/r10k: Update homepage and linksVikraman Choudhury2017-12-204-10/+10
* net-mail/mu: Update google code url to archiveVikraman Choudhury2017-11-241-2/+2
* net-mail/mu: Drop old versionsVikraman Choudhury2017-11-243-186/+4
* app-benchmarks/wrk: Bump up to version 4.0.2Vikraman Choudhury2017-10-282-0/+33
* net-mail/mu: Install info page only if building mu4eVikraman Choudhury2017-01-031-1/+1
* net-mail/mu: Install info pageVikraman Choudhury2017-01-031-1/+2
* sci-mathematics/twelf: Fix doc generationVikraman Choudhury2016-02-111-0/+1
* sci-mathematics/twelf: Fix typoVikraman Choudhury2016-02-111-2/+2
* net-mail/mu: Bump to version 0.9.16Vikraman Choudhury2016-01-242-0/+87
* net-misc/httpie: Bump to version 0.9.3Vikraman Choudhury2016-01-102-0/+24
* net-mail/mu: Ensure man pages are installedVikraman Choudhury2015-12-141-0/+8
* net-mail/mu: Version bump to 0.9.15 and cleanupVikraman Choudhury2015-11-243-0/+83
* sys-block/rts_pstor: Fix build with kernel 4.2.0Vikraman Choudhury2015-09-172-0/+45
* sys-block/rts5229: Fix build with kernel 4.2.0Vikraman Choudhury2015-09-172-0/+34