Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Fix Name_Id constantsTupone Alfredo2017-11-192-0/+88
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Really add /usr/share/gpr in front of the pathTupone Alfredo2017-11-142-29/+19
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Fix local patch against a constraint errorTupone Alfredo2017-11-112-22/+16
* dev-ada/gprbuild: add /usr to the search path for gpr filesTupone Alfredo2017-09-122-0/+38
* dev-ada/gprbuild: rm 9999 versionTupone Alfredo2017-07-012-155/+0
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Add use flags gnat_2016 & gnat_2017 to 2016 version tooTupone Alfredo2017-06-272-27/+18
* dev-ada/gprbuild: add gnat_2016 and gnat_2017 use flags to select the compilerTupone Alfredo2017-06-262-30/+24
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Fix tool descriptionTupone Alfredo2017-06-241-3/+2
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Add compiler description fileTupone Alfredo2017-06-232-0/+94
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Add build tool instruction to gprbuild-2016Tupone Alfredo2017-06-222-1/+104
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Add version 2017Tupone Alfredo2017-06-195-3/+140
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Add dev-ada/gprbuild-9999Tupone Alfredo2017-05-073-6/+156
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Fix documentation directoriesTupone Alfredo2017-03-301-0/+3
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Now that dev-ada/xmlada is in, use it to buildTupone Alfredo2017-03-293-26/+113
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Fix executable stackTupone Alfredo2017-03-282-3/+167
* dev-ada/gprbuild: Add gprbuild-gpl-2016Tupone Alfredo2017-03-223-0/+88